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Services & Pricing


Confront The Mess & Clutter

1 Hour Session


This one hour intensive on-site consultation has no fluff or frills. Together we get straight to the cause of the chaos, figure out what is or is not working and why. We'll help you identify your goals and share our strategy to foster a calmer, lighter, more energized atmosphere in your home or office space. We create a plan of action for your space. Often, a consultation is all that’s needed to identify the problems and create motivation for change.  If you engange No Mess, No Clutter to help you beyond the initial consultation, we will apply the $150 fee towards a packaged service.



No Mess, No Clutter™ Solution Session

3 Hour Session

$400 ($90 Each Additional Hour)

Need to tackle an out-of-control small space? In a half day session we can conquer a bedroom, bathroom, some closets, mudroom/laundry or living/family room.   Organize and de-clutter your closets, drawers and floor space. Identify clothes for donation and provide you with sustainable solutions to keep your space beautiful, clean, functional for years to come. Together we create solutions to fit the specific needs of your family.



Home Staging & De-clutter for Real Estate Market Sales

7 Hours (Or Two 3.5 Hour Sessions) 

$1000 ($90 Each Additional Hour)

Selling or renting your condo or home? Make your property irresistible to prospective buyers and renters by showing its maximum space and potential. home making necessary changes, eliminating clutter, staging furniture and resolving one of the most stressful aspects of selling or renting your home.


Kitchen Boot Camp

3 Hour Session 

$400 ($90 Each Additional Hour)

Is your kitchen your home’s command center, family gathering place and entertainment hub all in one? Do you find yourself walking circles when you cook, trying to find needed tools in overstuffed cabinets and drawers? No Mess, No Clutter will help you restore order and help you keep your kitchen organized, functional and stylish. Enjoy the utility of a professional kitchen and more space for family gatherings and entertaining.


Merging Households

7 Hours (Or Two 3.5 Hour Sessions)

$1000 ($90 Each Additional Hour)

Moving in with your partner or new roommate(s)? Learn how to share the space efficiently and stylishly merge your furnishings. Our team of professionals will help couples and roommates merge their treasured possessions with innovative solutions to avoid clutter, eliminate the redundancies in household items and share coveted closet space without stress.

Make Room for Baby - A perfect Baby Shower gift!

7 Hours (Or Two 3.5 Hour Sessions)

$1000 ($90 Each Additional Hour)

Big changes are coming your way. Is your home ready for baby? No Mess, No Clutter will help you organize baby's room and prepare the rest of your home for a smooth, functional transition to life with a new baby. A clean, baby-safe home provides you with peace of mind and gives you extra time to focus on baby's needs. We may recommend a modest list of widely available safe-baby products, such as plug covers, cabinet latches, etc., as needed. This package includes a follow up to make sure your Make Room for Baby Solution is working for your new family.


The Bachelor Pad

3 Hour Session

$500 ($90 Each Additional Hour)

Whether you’re dating, single or looking for that special someone, an organized, clean and inviting home or apartment can make or break a relationship. It’s never too late to transform your space from chaotic frat house to comfortable, sophisticated penthouse luxury. Investing in how you live is as important as your investments in relationships, health, fitness, profession, intellect and social growth. Strive for success, happiness and harmony in your home and across all aspects of your life.

The Inner Executive Program

$150 Per Hour

Sometimes packed schedules and time-management challenges are the source of the unwanted mess and clutter in our lives. If you find yourself over-scheduled, short of time and stressed, we can help. Our experienced team provides mentoring and coaching to equip busy parents, professionals, and business owners with improved personal management and organizational skills. We meet with our clients weekly, semi-weekly or monthly for an hour or two to identify critical needs and help meet their goals. The Inner Executive Program empowers you to seize control of the chaos, channel your energy productively, reduce wasteful stress and create the peace of mind you deserve.


Our Price Guarantee

No Mess, No Clutter provides up front pricing structures and no hidden fees.  In rare cases, additional fees may apply to special packages based on the condition in which we find your space: Very large spaces, an exceptional volume of clutter, unusually large occupancy, and/or other unique challenges.   Our clients are given the full price before work begins detailing the scope of work to be performed.   

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